Construction & Commisioning

  • OK, you have everything and ready to start your solar energy facility plan, so, now you need a technical solar company, the one that will deliver and engineer the details for your turn key solar project.
  • AE is a complete solution for full in home engineering and construction services, we stay on the project fromIMG_2446 beginning to end, providing an integral solar experience.
  • Construction steps:
    • Initial evaluation
    • Engineering
    • Project excution

  • The commisioning process ensures an installed project aligns to its engineering plans and energy predictions, it can be done prior commercial operation and at many stages during the long term operations of the project.
  • AE recommends it on regular intervals to ensure optimal system integrity for the Solar Energy falcility┬┤s lifespan.
  • The process serves as an empirical benchmark for the future diagnostics. The inspections covers engineering and technical perspectives.