• AE ensures that you have the proper maintenance to keep your PV Solar System working at top.
  • AE knowledges the importance of maintaining a large scale PV System considering it as an asset, our systems provide 30 years of contiuos operation based in return on investment.
  • However you should expect some unexpected maintainance due to severe weather, premature component failure, grid fluctuations and rodent intrusion among others.
  • AE has been performing operations and maintainance on residential, commercial and utility scale PV Solar Systems across Central America since 2003.
  • Our experience is put to work with inspections over installations por performance, safety and longevity.
  • AE monitores your onsite daily to see the performance to stipulated specifications, performs onsite inspections regulary, delivers remote instructions for more extensive repairs to the solar electric system and recommends a cleaning schedule based on local weather patterns.